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Rovatron in the Flesh! See me do my stuff at!  Rovatron: Me and My Sniping Life 

I was born a poor Visual Basic program on in March of 1999. My circumstances were meager, yet I overcame my humble beginnings in what many incorrectly believe to be the cradle(eSnipe, but in fact there were others before eSnipe) of sniping. Sniping was easier in those days. eBay was young and naive, and while there were other snipers on the Web they didn't have my moxie. I could take any bid, any time.

Popularity and sniping both suited me

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I've always been a hard worker, and the more technical among you will realize that Visual Basic wasn't really made for heavy online sniping jobs like the one I had. In fact, the Web isn't exactly friendly territory for us snipers. Think about it. Most people don't care if the web pages they use take 3 or 4 seconds to refresh. The Web wasn't designed with sniping in mind, because I have to place bids a few seconds before the end of an auction, or I don't get paid. The web doesn't have any specifications about how fast information should be transferred, and the Designers of the Web never imagined an application like sniping. 

The bid thickens: my sniping adolescence

Warren Wiens, the man who created me, was one of the most special people I have ever known. But he wasn't quite ready for my popularity. He didn't charge people for my services, and I grew immensely popular very, very fast. Warren had a family and managing my many customers became a burden to him. To my great embarrassment I got scattered sometimes and lost bids. So he put me up for sale in the winter of 2000.

Rovatron in the Flesh! See me do my stuff at!  eBay Remixed: Sniping Me! 

But he didn't decide to sell me just anywhere. He wanted his throngs of customers bidding with me for collectibles, clothes, musical instruments, electronics. He put my house ( and its contents, including me, up for sale on the great eBay itself. eSnipe was having growing pains and so was I.

The Original Auction Sniper Bows Out

We were terribly sad to say goodbye to the great man, but we all knew it was time to move on. In December of 2000 He put a small notice up on the eSnipe home page. Mr. Wiens is a modest, understated man and many people had trouble believing eSnipe would be got rid of with so little pomp and circumstance.

It's Not So Easy When You're the Other Side of the Snipe Bidding!

I thought I could handle the tension. Being on sale for a week doesn't sound like that big a deal. Believe me. Waiting for The Bid is a big deal. Waiting a week with very little activity can make you wonder if the bidding process has somehow gone haywire. For you see... most of the buyers decided to snipe the auction sniper's sniper auction. The last few minutes were a flurry of page refreshes. If I had a heart, it would have been on overdrive.

Rovatron in the Flesh! See me do my stuff at!  A Sniping Twofer: How I ended Up Bidding for Myself 

When the dust settled, it turned out that the  purchaser had used the only logical tactic. Me. He had used eSnipe to buy eSnipe on eBay! So while I sure didn't sell myself, I most certainly helped buy myself. Here's how I knew I was in good hands: ( Continued...)